How to Choose A 3D Printer

Today, when technology is taking off, 3D printing is no longer so mysterious. 3D printing makes technology more innovative. In the future, people will actively create and 3D printing will become more and more popular. So, how do we choose a good fit? How about your own 3D printer?

Accuracy of the 3D printer
Choosing a good printer, there is no doubt that the accuracy of the 3D printer must be considered first. Printing accuracy determines what level of product you can print. 3D printers can basically reach 0.1mm at the desktop level. CREALITY CR-10S Pro 3D Printer has achieved this characteristic of high precision.




3D Printing Speed
If the printing density is 100, it takes about 6h. The printing accuracy is closely related to printing speed. At present, the printing speed of 3D printers on the market is adjustable. 20mm/s-100mm/s is a common printing speed. Some printers are not suitable for high speeds, depending on the printer manufacturer. Natural printing speed is fast, printing time is short, and vice versa.

3D Printer Appearance Structure
The structure of the external model also affects the accuracy of the 3D printer. The stability of the model structure is very important, it can determine the printing speed of the printer, the structure is unstable, the printing speed is too fast will affect the model printing accuracy. To judge the structure, see whether the integral molding is fixed by screw splicing, and the stable printing speed of the integral molding structure can reach a very high, such as 100mm/s. The complex model structure has many suspended positions, which need to be supported for printing, and the printing time will be prolonged. Long-term work and printing must rely on a stable structure to print a good model. The CREALITY CR-10S Pro 3D Printer has a one-piece seamless welded body and a more solid and stable appearance structure.


3D Printers Print Size
When it comes to 3D printer printing size, this is very important. The size and accuracy of the size are closely related. The larger the size, the higher the accuracy of the printing. On the contrary, the general large 3D printer size has stricter accuracy considerations, but the price is also relatively high. high. So when choosing a 3D printer, check whether the molding size is consistent. CREALITY CR-10S Pro 3D printer, the printing size is 300*300*400mm. It is definitely a masterpiece of large size and high precision.

With the increasing number of 3D printer manufacturers, there are many brands with multi-function machines on the market, such as air filtration, double touch color printing, power-off resuming printing, etc. High-quality multi-function machines are of course good, but according to the current In terms of technology, if you want to take into account the printing accuracy and quality, but also realize the multi-function, there is a certain degree of difficulty, and the practicability is not high, as the saying goes, there are specialties in the technical industry, if you are pursuing high precision, it is not recommended to choose more Functional machine.



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