Bike Shoulder Backpack LOCAL LION 18L Water-resistant

Outdoor lovers, eys on me! Recently, I bought a Bike Shoulder Backpack , strongly recommanded by one of my best friends, Lily, a girl from New York. Not surprisingly, I benefited a lot from it when I was on my journey. Being a person who adores sharing. I’d like to share more about this useful backpack and hope you’ll like it.

Bike Shoulder Backpack

Bike Shoulder Backpack Ergonomic Design

Its ergonomic design should come first, undoubtedly, as it is comfortable to wear and you can easily stretch your body through adjusting shoulder strap and waist strap when you are doing outdoor sports.

Bike Shoulder Backpack
When it comes to safety, its reflective strips will surely contribute to your journey. This 18L backpack is made of high-quality and safe nylon fabric, so there is no need to worry about its quality.

Bike Shoulder Backpack Water Resistance

What’s more, it is not only ultralight but water-resistant, to put it another way, you can bring more items along with you in this packback and say goodbye to the fear of rainning days.

Bike Shoulder Backpack

Bike Shoulder Backpack Multi Colour

The picture shown above looks so cool, isn’t it? That’s the one I bought, a black one. Actually, there are 8 colors for your option, that is, black, blue, purple, rose, red, green, yellow and orange. Black is my favorite color since I was 18 years old, so you can choose yours! Last Sunday, I put plenty of items which I thought were necessary on my cycling trip into it, as if  I could just bring this backpack and I would cycle around the world!

Bike Shoulder Backpack

If you need a Bike Shoulder Backpack that I ‘ve introduced to you above, well, no need to hesitate, click here to buy it. You will be able to enjoy the outdoor recreation to the fullest!

Bike Shoulder Backpack

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