Smart Bracelet Vidonn X6 Bluetooth 4.0 IP65

Do you want to have a healthy partner? If so, maybe this Vidonn X6 Smart Bracelet could be your perfect choice.

Smart Bracelet

Smart Bracelet Vidonn X6 Cool Design

This smart bracelet features fashionable design and advanced technology, providing better help and enjoyment for your daily activities and sports. It possesses the functions of pedometer, anti-lost tracker, sleep monitor, exercise monitor, remote shutter, and phone finder. Just put it on your wrist, and it will remind you of how much exercise you did, how much calorie you took and how much you slept. Is that sounds great ?

Smart Bracelet

Smart Bracelet Vidonn X6 Advanced Technology

It has touch-key and bigger screen, 0.88in OLED, natural interactive mode, easy and smooth operation. Why it can become your smart partner? Cause when you exercising, or sleeping, your personal full track record will be displayed in chart. The smart watch also has target encouraging, rank encouraging, athletic competition encouraging and score encouraging functions.

Smart Bracelet
The bracelet can wireless syncing automatically to your smartphones. When it is connected with your mobile, you can dial and answer the phone by using it. After connection, click the Phonebook to download and sync name list on the phone. Its vibrator can be set.

Smart Bracelet
This Vidonn X6 Smart Bracelet has super standby time up to 15 days, which is based on adopting ultra-low-power consumption chip. How convenient it is!

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